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Child abuse is like shards of glass that penetrate your body. A childhood of abuse is like being forced to run barefoot across a field filled with shards of glass. The farther you are forced to run, the more glass cuts into your feet, cutting you body, soul, and spirit.

When you finally leave the field, you just want to fit in with the people around you. You repress the pain of the glass in your feet, but the glass still affects your steps. You marvel at how others can dance with ease while you always feel crippled, but you aren’t sure why.

Eventually, the pain from the glass becomes too great, and your body is ready to heal. One shard starts to come out, and you see a memory for the first time. You cannot believe that there is glass coming out of your foot, and the pain involved in removing the glass is immense. But, after you remove the shard and examine it, that hole in your foot begins to heal, and you realize that the appearance of the shard was really a good thing. You hope that there are no more shards, but you still don’t walk well.

Another shard starts to come out – then another and another and another. Each one brings its own individual pain. Some are small and can be removed quickly. Others are large and deep, so they must be removed slowly, or you will faint from the pain. Still others are so large and deep that they break off inside of your foot, so you have to remove several smaller pieces before the one wound can heal.

It is enormously painful to remove all of the glass, but, little by little, your walk gets easier. When you are finally finished removing all of the glass, you are healed, but your foot is covered with scars. You will never be like those who have always danced with ease. But your scars are proof that your path has been much harder than most, and you know that you can walk through anything because your tender feet have already endured hell.

And, when you finally do learn to dance, your dance is more beautiful than you ever thought possible. You glide across the dance floor with an ease that your once-wounded feet never imagined. People marvel at your dance, but only a trusted few are invited to see the scars. Those who see the scars stand in awe that feet that were once so broken can now glide. Only a trusted few will ever know the true beauty that they behold when they see the once wounded feet dance.

Photo credit: Lynda Bernhardt

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