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WordPress has a fabulous feature that shows me which posts my readers view and how they find my site. I have noticed that I have a steady flow of readers who are interested in reading about mother-daughter sexual abuse. Also, my Associated Content article, Childhood Abuse: Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse, has received numerous page views. So, clearly this is an issue that some readers want to read more about.

Unfortunately, information available for people who have suffered from mother-daughter sexual abuse is limited, but as more women speak out, more resources will become available. One good resource is a book called When You’re Ready by Kathy Evert and Inie Bijkerk. Kathy Evert was sexually abused by her mother, and Inie Bijkerk was her therapist. They wrote the book together to talk about the healing journey from this devastating form of abuse. This book is a must-read for any woman recovering from mother-daughter sexual abuse, doubly so if you feel the need for validation that you are not the only woman to have experienced this form of abuse.

I also shared on a previous post a great resource in Making Daughters Safe Again. You can read information there about healing from this form of abuse. You can also join the private message board to discuss issues arising from mother-daughter sexual abuse with fellow survivors of this form of abuse.

If you were sexually abused by your mother, you are not alone. Even though this form of abuse does not get the same amount of press as other forms of abuse, there are (unfortunately) many women who have experienced it. The good news is that there are women, like me, who have healed from it, which means that you can, too.

My next few posts will cover issues surrounding mother-daughter sexual abuse. I hope that those of you who have been visiting my blog for this topic will find what you are looking for. Feel free to e-mail me at faith_amom@hotmail.com with any topic suggestions. You can open a free e-mail account at Hotmail and use an anonymous name to send me your question or comment so you do not have to worry about your identity being revealed. I will maintain your privacy if you use your personal e-mail account.

You are not alone. You can heal from this.

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