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Microscopic View (c) Lynda Bernhardt I was watching the television show Numb3rs this weekend. The episode was about rape. I always struggle with whether or not to watch a show about rape because the scenes can be triggering for me. However, I also like to know what is being presented about rape to the general public, so I usually wind up watching the show, anyhow.

This episode ended with a rape victim asking if rape really was “soul murder.” I had never heard that term before, and I found it interesting.

I do not believe that rape is “soul murder” because I do not believe that our souls can be murdered. I believe that each of us is born with a body, soul, and spirit. Our bodies are (obviously) our physical selves. I believe our souls are part of the divine – the part that God breathed into Adam that carries a piece of God inside of all of us. That part of ourselves cannot be damaged. I believe that it is our spirits that are damaged by rape and child abuse.

So, is rape “spirit murder”? I would say no, although I do believe that rape is “spirit wounding.” I do not believe that anyone has the power to “murder” another person’s spirit. Of course, there are those who try to accomplish this, but ultimately only we can murder our own spirits. Only we can chose not to heal.

I believe that emotional healing or spirit healing is possible for all people, but we must choose to heal. I do not believe that another person can murder my spirit because then that takes away my power. I can (and did) fragment my spirit to save myself, but only I had the power to do that.

So, I would have to disagree with the character on Numb3rs. Her soul was not murdered. Instead, her spirit was wounded, but she has the power to heal it.

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