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One of the great features about WordPress is that it provides me with a daily list of search terms that readers used to find my site. I read over those search terms each day so I can be sure to write about topics that are important to my readers. You might be surprised by the results.

I do not often hear people talking about mother-daughter sexual abuse on-line, although I have seen it more frequently over the last couple of years. That topic appears on my list of search terms frequently. Here is the breakdown since I started this blog in November:

  • mother daughter sexual abuse: 12
  • sexual abuse mother daughter: 7
  • mother daughter sexual: 5
  • mother sexual abuse: 3
  • mother daughter incest survivor: 2

The one that really surprises me is the term animal rape. That form of rape is one that most people do not talk about, even on very supportive message boards for abuse survivors. Even with the anonymity of the Internet, many people feel too much shame to share that they suffered from this form of abuse. By staying silent, they miss opportunities to learn how to heal.

Yesterday, six people found my blog by searching for “animal rape,” and one found it by searching for “raped by an animal.” Does that surprise you? To date, 43 people have found my blog by searching for the term “animal rape.”

The reason I am sharing this information is to reassure you that you are not alone. You are not the only person to have suffered a severe form of abuse. Other people know that pain, too, and you deserve to heal just as much as they do. You are not alone.

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