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House (c) Lynda BernhardtSorry to be posting so late today. I was very busy all day, and then I have been battling a migraine headache all evening. Not fun. So, this will probably be a short post.

I spent a good part of yesterday cleaning and de-cluttering my house. With my kid in school and with me launching a new website, I have limited time to focus on housework. Also, to be honest, I do not like doing housework. Yes, I like having a clean house, but I just wish I had a genie to do the work for me.

I have found that the state of my house is often reflective of the state of my mind. When I am feeling overwhelmed in my life, you can see it in my cluttered house. When I start feeling more positively emotionally, I feel a strong urge to get my house in order, both figuratively and literally. So, I guess this strong urge to clean my house is a good thing.

I spent a lot of time yesterday organizing my home office. As I look around me now, I feel an amazing “AAAAHHHH!!” because it is so neat and organized. The absence of clutter makes me feel so much more calm.

A friend of mine is into feng shui. She says that keeping a clutter-free house brings you positive energy. My yoga friend tells me that clutter has a negative energy. I think there is something to that.

Photo credit: Lynda Bernhardt

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