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Take Back the Night posterI have to send a “shout out” to my sister, who will be speaking at her university’s Take Back the Night rally. I am immensely proud of her. She is not someone who enjoys public speaking, so this is a huge step out in healing for her.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Take Back the Night program, here is a description of the event from the website:

Today, survivor speakouts are an inseparable part of Take Back the Night. Most present-day rallies offer survivors of violence an opportunity to give voice to their experiences and publicly affirm their transition from victim to survivor.

Common components of Take Back the Night rallies include candlelight vigils, empowerment marches, and survivor testimonials. The goals and specific features of a TBTN rally are just as varied as its vast array of supporters. Throughout its history, Take Back the Night has inspired both women and men to confront a myriad of social ills, including rape, sexual violence, domestic violence, violence against children, and violence against women. The unifying theme throughout these diverse topics is the assertion that all human beings have the right to be free from violence, the right to be heard, and the right to reclaim those rights if they are violated. – Take Back the Night website

My sister is going to read a poem that she wrote about her experiences and then share a few minutes about overcoming her history of child abuse. She is torn about whether to include anything about the mother-daughter sexual abuse because she is still in contact with our mother and plans for her to come to her graduation next year. She is leaning toward speaking out because she wants to offer support to anyone who has suffered similar abuse.

My sister is understandably nervous about speaking at this rally, but she is ready to take this huge step in healing. I am so very proud of her for this.

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Photo credit: Take Back the Night website (Posters and T-shirts of graphic are available at the website.)

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