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Research on Female Psychopaths

The author of the blog What About When MOM is the Abuser? is co-authoring a book about male victims of female psychopaths. He is considering adding a section for female victims of female psychopaths.

If you are female and fell victim to a female psychopath, please consider sharing your story by emailing it to bloggert7165@aol.com. Here is what he is looking for:

Right now we are looking for anyone who is willing to write up a summary of how they met [female psychopaths] and their experiences with them. Obviously children who have parents like that would just detail their experience … [A]nyone who takes part should not use any identifying things like their real names, town names, etc.

My mother was an abuser, but I don’t know if the label “psychopath” really fits. So, I asked if abusing children qualifies a person as a psychopath. Here was his response:

No that is not the definition I use of a psychopath though is often one of the indicators. Sexually abusing your child is another step towards that direction. Anyone with ASPD, NPD, HPD are ones that would be really close to look at or people that think the person in question met those criteria.

He then sent further clarification of the definition of a psychopath:

Sociopaths are unable to love, have poor impulse control and exhibit immoral behavior … Dr Leedom says that people with the ability to love do all the following in a relationship:

  • Feel and enjoy affection toward special people.
  • Show empathy toward those they love.
  • Want to take care of those they love.
  • At times sacrifice their own desires in order to care for others.

Sociopaths lack ability to love. Dr. Leedom says sociopaths may experience fleeting feelings of affection, but the joy they get from these feelings is far less than the joy they get from having power and control over others. Their inability to love is also called “emotional callousness” by scientists.

Dr. Leedom says sociopaths generally show no care-taking behavior, and rarely or never sacrifice their own needs for those of others. When they do show caring, she says, there is always a hidden agenda.

If you were a victim to a woman who matches the above description, please consider emailing your experience to bloggert7165@aol.com. Do not include any identifying information.

If you are concerned about being identified, consider opening up an anonymous email account from which to send your story. You can open one up for free at Hotmail, Google, or Yahoo.

Alternatively, feel free to email the story to me. I can copy and paste it over to a separate email and send it for you. You can find my email address by clicking on “About Faith Allen” in the upper right of the screen. I don’t want to include it here or I will receive a lot of spam.

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