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I watched Oprah’s show on Senate Bill 1738: Child Protection Act yesterday. All I can say is, “Wow!!” Good job, Oprah!!

Oprah knocked that ball right out of the park. I would not be surprised if Senators from all over the country have their inboxes and mailboxes flooded with support of Senate Bill 1738.

I did not know this when I wrote my post yesterday, but we really need the Senate to hear this bill before they recess at the end of the month. So, time is of the essence. Don’t wait – send a message to your senators today.

You can email your senators by going to this link. Select your state from the pull-down menu. The website will provide you with the contact information for both of your senators. You can send them a snail mail letter, place a phone call, or send them an email by clicking on the link. Just contact them!

Back to Oprah’s show – Nothing in what she shared surprised me due to all that I suffered as a child as well as the stories of other abuse survivors that I have heard over the years. However, I did hear “new” information about ways that some of these child predators groom the children for abuse.

Child predators provide one another with “how to” instructions for abusing children of different ages. They create sexually-explicit “training videos” in which they make cartoon characters do sexual acts between a child character and an adult cartoon character. It is really sick stuff.

One of Oprah’s guests was a man who invented a new software program that is very effective in tracking down child predators who distribute child pornography over the Internet. She also had three teenage girls on the show who were victims of the same predator. That predator was caught through this software. I think they said that the predator had posted over 800 photos and videos of child abuse involving multiple girls.

The man who tracks down predators through his software said that he only has the man power to follow up on around 2% of the leads. This is where Senate Bill 1738 comes into play. That bill would appropriate up to one billion dollars toward resources that focus exclusively on catching these child predators and saving those children.

Nothing can be done for me at this point in my life. I suffered from child pornography and severe abuse. Nobody saved me, but I can save someone else. My heart goes out to the children who are living in the middle of the h@#$ that I endured throughout my childhood. No child should have to live that way.

We child abuse survivors have been looking for a way to make a difference. This is one way to do it. Please, please, please click on this link and contact your senators today.

*** Updated 9/23/08 — See Update on the Protect Our Children Act for a way to help pressure the Senate into passing the legislation to protect children without having to get into party politics. We need to act fast. ***

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