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Hi, everyone. I am back from my hiatus (I hope!). I stopped blogging abruptly in the middle of a series on dealing with issues surrounding sex after sexual abuse. I do plan to get back to that topic, but first I feel the need to pour out the last couple of weeks. They have been very rough.

Like many of you, the holidays are a very difficult time for me. My baseline is anxiety, nightmares, and feeling out of sorts. Throw in a mother-in-law passing away a week before Christmas, and Christmas turns into one big, fat, ugly mess.

My mother-in-law and I had a strange dynamic, which I guess is true for many mother/daughter-in-law relationships. She said that she embraced me as a daughter, and I sooo wanted to believe that was true in light of my own history with my mother/abuser. I desperately wanted a mother, and I saw my relationship with her as life giving me another chance at having that bond.

Unfortunately, when I married, I was so emotionally unhealthy that I saw my husband’s family as the “perfect” family that I never had. I embraced them as such. But, as with most families, they had their own dysfunction, but I did not see it, much less understand it, so I would step into emotional “landmines” with regularity and assume that it was just me doing something “wrong” again.

It wasn’t until I entered into therapy and began the healing process that I grew to recognize that hub’s family was dysfunctional, too. As my therapist pointed out, my family was so “out there” that my in-laws looked “normal” to me because they were at least “on the map” of normal. However, as I healed, the dysfunction became more glaring.

Without going into details, my mother-in-law needed to feel needed (which I equated to dependent) in order to feel loved. Anyone who reads my blog with regularity knows that I have issues with being reliant upon anyone. This was a train wreck waiting to happen, and it did a few years ago. Since then, I downgraded my relationship with my mother-in-law to being a “polite outlaw,” and we found a rhythm that worked well enough. However, I did grieve mightily the loss of yet another “mother” back when it all happened.

So, when my mother-in-law passed away a couple of weeks ago, I had already done much of my grieving. I had already grieved the loss of the relationship in my life. Now, it was time to focus upon the grief of my husband, son, and hub’s family.

Also, even though my relationship with her was no longer what (I thought) it had once been, she was still a strong presence in my life. I saw her at least weekly for Saturday night dinners with the family. In many ways, I still cannot believe that she is gone.

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