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In my last couple of blog entries, I have been talking about my struggle in coming to terms with the fact that I will always have obstacles from the child abuse in my life. This is not an easy admission for me to make, much less face.

As frustrating as this admission is, it is also empowering. Obstacles can be overcome. In fact, obstacles are what make life interesting. A good skier wants to ski down a slope with moguls. A good golfer wants to golf on a course with sand traps. The obstacles are very real and need to be acknowledged, but they do not have the power to prevent a person from reaching her goal.

I have been viewing healing from child abuse as removing the obstacles from my life. I thought that I would be “healed” when every obstacle was gone. As I am moving into my sixth year of actively healing from the child abuse, I still have many obstacles in my life, and I was beating myself up for this. I thought that I should be farther along in removing the obstacles by now.

As I recognize that these obstacles will always be a part of my life, I am changing my focus and where to direct my healing energy. I do not need to know how to remove a sand trap in order to play on a golf course – I just need to know how to work around the obstacle. Thanks to all of the hard work I have done in healing over the past several years, I am very good at working around obstacles. The fact that they are still there has not prevented me from getting where I want to go. I just have to work around them.

Perhaps the point of healing is not to make the obstacles “go away” but to learn how to ski around them. Perhaps I can apply learning how to “ski around” my child abuse obstacles to other areas of my life. Maybe healing is not about making the bad stuff “go away” but, instead, learning how to love and accept yourself and reach your goal despite their presence in your life.

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