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Short Update

I just popping in to give you a quick update. My voice is coming back. It is not back to normal, but it has improved greatly since yesterday. It is terrible not having a voice (both figuratively and literally).

I have been knee-deep in advocacy this week. As I have already written about, I have been trying to get enough bloggers to write about Isurvive (online message board for child abuse survivors) so we can earn a $1200 cash prize. We need to be in the Top Five in order to win the money. The contest ends on Saturday. As of this morning, we were tied for 5th place with 15 blog endorsements. I just sent Zemanta (the company sponsoring the contest) three more links. We’ll see if other charities had more endorsements today or not.

I also found out that my son’s small school is slated to lose three teachers, so I have been rallying the forces to try to get the School Board to change its mind. Some people have asked me if our efforts will really make a difference. I told them that the only guarantee is that, if we do nothing, our teachers will be gone. I obtained over 100 signatures today and will be working tirelessly to raise more tomorrow.

I am throwing the same passion into this cause as I throw into the healing process. I know that I cannot stop all child abuse, but I will never stop trying. I will never stop encouraging child abuse survivors to heal, and I will never stop doing all I can to make a difference. I might not win every battle, but we are sure to lose the war if we stand back and do nothing.

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