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On my blog entry entitled Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and “Hearing Voices”, a reader posted the following comment:

I am having some fast breakthrough thanks to this topic on hearing voices or “not your own” thoughts.” I recently sat down and compiled a list of what I call voices because I believe it gives whatever voice(s) a bit of individuality and recognition vs. just a thought.

I believe I couldn’t have done this on my own without the help of the “voices” on the inside. Also, my new book that Faith suggested, the above article and Blog.

The voice list to my absolute amazement (actually I was blown away!) consisted of 13 voices!! Whew.. now I really feel like a nut case! I am now for the first time am asking question to those on the inside and am actually getting answers. Some okay, some not so okay. From my reading on DD it is important to let them all express themselves and know that they were created to protect you.

Just this morning I asked inside what would be a good name for this chattering bunch. I or they not sure, came up with Comrades. That would be our ultimate goal is to find a sense of togetherness, acceptance and friendship. I don’t know it is possible especially with the angry ones but it could be possible?

If your there reading and if any of this makes sense to you or can relate I would love to hear from you. ~ Kim and The Commrades

I am so incredibly excited for Kim & the Comrades. This is a HUGE leap in healing!

What you are experiencing is co-consciousness. All of these parts have always been there, but they have hidden themselves from you (as the host personality). You have reached a place of healing (including moving toward self-love and acceptance) that has made you ready to have open communication among your parts.

Remember that they are all you. Even the angry part is you. That part is going to become your greatest ally in healing. Once you embrace this part and encourage him or her to direct the anger outward (toward the abuse and abusers), this part will share the amazing strength of the anger, which will help you push past the immobility of depression when that hits.

I love the term comrades, which dictionary.com defines as “companion, associate, or friend.” Your parts are becoming friends, which is an important step toward becoming one.

I am so excited to hear about your progress. You might feel “crazy” right now, but you are actually well on your way to be healed and unified as one spirit. Congratulations!

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