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For those of you with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), how many of you have trouble wearing a watch? My sister (who does not have DID but who has been diagnosed with severe PTSD) has never been able to wear a watch. Within a day or two, the watch will stop. She can replace the battery, but that one will die within a day or two as well. She has finally given up and carries a pocket watch on her purse. (She cannot even carry it in her pocket, or the watch will stop.) Now that she has a cell phone, she mostly uses the time on it.

Now here is the really freaky part – My sister is “magnetic.” She used to do “bar tricks” for people. She would pick up a knife, hold it for a few minutes, and then use the knife to pick up paperclips. How bizarre is that?

When I read the book When Rabbit Howls, I was fascinated by the multiple references to Truddi Chase’ watches malfunctioning. It made me think about my sister, but I did not make the connection back then. (This was before I started recovering memories of the child abuse.)

I never had a problem wearing a watch until I started having flashbacks. Since then, whenever I am in a period of intense healing, my watch is likely to malfunction. As someone who is obsessed with being on time, that can be very annoying.

I even tried to replace my watch, but I found that newer watches are even worse. I make some run fast and others run slow. The only watch I can wear is one that I received as a high school graduation present back in the 1980’s. Even that one fritzes out on me when I am about to deal with some heavy duty stuff.

The last time was a few months ago. The battery place checked the battery and said it was completely fine, even though my watch was running slowly. It has been working fine ever since (probably because I started dealing with my latest round of intensity). — It just happened again! I wrote this blog yesterday. Today, I found out some bad news. I cried hard, and my watched slowed down.

The weirdest thing my watch has ever done is slow down by exactly one hour. It was on a Saturday a couple of years ago. I wound up being an hour late somewhere. I never suspected that my watch was “off” because the minute hand matched what I saw on various clocks throughout the day. I feared I was losing time and reset the watch, but I came to recognize that this was just another one of these weird things that I get to deal with in my life.

Do any of you have malfunctioning watch stories to share? I would love to hear them.

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