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On my blog entry entitled Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Repetitive Thoughts, a reader posted the following comment:

I mostly shut out any thought that is remotely spiritual. ~ Sarah

Many child abuse survivors do the same thing as Sarah, particularly those who have suffered from spiritual abuse. Because our spirituality was used against us as children, we reject it as adults. This choice can hamper your healing from child abuse.

Before I continue, let me clarify that spirituality is not the same thing as religion. You can get back in touch with your spirituality without ever setting foot in a church, temple, or mosque. While you can use religion to assist you in getting in touch with your spirituality, it is not necessary to do so. Therefore, those of you who are triggered by religion do not have to be cut off from this very powerful healing tool.

In my last post, I provided some advice about getting in touch with your spirituality and why it is helpful. I won’t repeat all that I already said about yoga and meditation.

As I stated in that post, I began my healing journey trying to “think” my way through the process. I eventually hit a glass ceiling. I felt like my healing progress had stalled out, and I did not understand why because I was certainly working and thinking hard enough. Some of my online friends at Isurvive encouraged me to do some spiritual healing work. I had no idea what that meant, but I was eventually willing to give it a shot.

I was “converted” after my first Reiki session. My first Reiki session brought me healing in places that I did not even know were wounded. Until that moment, I did not appreciate that it was not only my mind that was damaged by the child abuse. I was damaged physically, mentally, and spiritually. Therefore, I was going to need healing in all of these areas.

The good news is that these three parts of yourself are all interconnected, so healing in one place brings a certain amount of relief to the others. However, if you decide that you will only use your head to heal without also healing your spirit, you will reach a place where it feels like your healing has “stalled out” (getting “stuck”). Engaging in some spiritual activities, such as yoga, meditation, and Reiki, can get you “unstuck” and propel your healing forward.

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