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On my blog entry entitled Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Conflicting Alter Parts, a reader posted the following comment:

I wondered if my experiences were a normal part of DID and if others went thru them too? Do you have any ideas for how I can offer my other parts love and acceptance? I try to hug them at night when I go to sleep…most of them are children I think and they are afraid of the dark. They were never protected. I recently started journaling and I have high hopes for that. Any ideas on that too? ~ Nansie

Anything that you do to be loving to an alter part is a step toward loving yourself. Even though each alter part feels separate, each one is a part of you. All of you together define who you are.

I send lots of internal positive energy toward alter parts. I will saying things like, “I love you. You are safe. I’m sorry,” repeatedly in my head because these are the messages I most needed to hear as a child.

I also created a safe haven over my heart. I visualized rooms that can only be opened from the inside. They are warm with a canopy bed (which I always wanted as a child) and a toy box filled with any toy the alter part wants. I invite my alter parts out of my stomach (where I tend to feel them – I binge eat to “stuff them down,” and they feel “cold” there) and into a room near my heart. When they are ready, I invite them to integrate back into the core. I frequently am not even aware when an alter part makes this choice. I just notice that I feel more present and alive.

I have heard that, if you lose time, writing in a journal is a great way to get a dialogue going. From the time I (from the host personality perspective) became aware of having alter parts, I could have a dialogue in my head, so I never needed this step.

Doing fun things is also a great way to reach out to alter parts. Buy an ice cream cone and go swinging at a park. Take a walk in a safe park. Watch a funny cartoon. Go to an amusement park. Do anything that brings you joy. As you bring fun back into your life for your alter parts, you are also bringing it into your life for yourself.

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