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Last night’s episode of 90210 hit too close to home for me. One of the main characters, Silver (played by Jessica Stroup) has an alcoholic mother, who is a character carried over from the original series. When she is drunk or high, she is abusive and neglectful, depending upon her state of consciousness. Silver moved out of the house and in with her adult sister last season due to her mother’s behavior.

In last night’s episode, Silver’s mother begged her to come to an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting where she would be speaking. She had just earned a chip (I think a 30-day one) and gave this touching speech about taking responsibility, how much she has changed, etc. After she sat down, Silver asked to speak and said publicly, “I only came tonight to tell you once and for all to stay out of my life.” She then told her mother that she was “dead to me” when she walked out.

In the very last scene, Silver’s friend came over and said that her mother had just called her. Silver didn’t want to hear what she had to say, but the friend told her anyhow – her mother has cancer and is dying. That’s how the episode ended.

I don’t know where the show will go with this. I guess I will find out next week. It made me think about a blog entry that I wrote a while ago entitled Death of an Abuser. Does an abuser’s impending death change things? Should Silver go running to her mother’s side now that she is dying? Is Silver a “bad person” if she doesn’t?

Many people might judge Silver if this news does not make a difference, but I would understand it. I guess you cannot understand the gravity of abuse unless you have lived it.

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