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A reader emailed me asking me not end my comments with “Take care” or “Hang in there” because some of you are perceiving this as me meaning that I am finished with the discussion. I actually sometimes say those things as an added form of support. However, since some readers have misconstrued my intention, I will make an effort not to end with those words.

Please know that your comments are always welcome and that I would never want to silence anyone. I think I have only ended a discussion once (and might have even closed comments), and I was very direct about that because a topic had been beaten to death and was off-topic from healing from child abuse. Other than that one incident, my intention has never been to stop anyone from continuing a conversation.

I apologize to anyone who might have felt “silenced” by any of my comments. I hope that, if these struggles continue to be an issue, you will feel comfortable continuing the discussion. :0)

Also, please do not hesitate to email me with other similar concerns. Unless someone tells me, I won’t know. :0)

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