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My son is eight years old, and he is getting into games. One game that fascinates him is Connect Four, but I cannot bring myself to buy it for him. The problem is that S & L, my most sadistic abusers, had that game in their basement, and my sister and I would play it while we waited to be abused.

S & L had older children – one in high school and two in college – when my sister and I were still in elementary school. So, they did not have many things lying around their house that would entertain elementary-aged children. One of the few things that appealed to my sister and me was the game Connect Four.

Whenever our parents would bring us to S & L’s house, they would send out downstairs to the basement to play while the adults had their time together. (I suspect the two couples were “swinging,” but I have no outside confirmation on this.) My sister and I would play Connect Four until S (the wife) came downstairs, closed the drapes, and tortured us in one way or another. Both my sister and I have strong associations with that game because of it.

As an adult, I can maneuver through life without every playing Connect Four again. However, I sometimes wonder if it is fair to deprive my kid of things that are objectively not harmful and probably fun just because they are triggering to me. However, until I know that I won’t wig out having that game in my house, I cannot bring myself to purchase it.

I have tossed around buying my son the SpongeBob version of the game. My abusers had the traditional red and black one pictured above. However, the SpongeBob version has a silly yellow sponge all over it. If I decide to give in, I think I will buy my son that version.

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