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I am celebrating a minor victory in my life. An ongoing annoyance of mine is how hub believes that his right to the TV trumps mine, especially if his favorite sports team is playing. We have always had two TVs in the house – one in the family room, and the other in the master bedroom. I moved out of the master bedroom a few years ago because I cannot sleep with another person in the room (plus hub snores). I did not realize how physically exhausted I had been for over a decade because of my inability to sleep with hub lying in the bed next to me.

Anyhow, the net result is that, for several years, there has been a family TV and then hub’s TV in his room. This worked out okay for the most part, with hub occasionally “bumping” me off the family TV to watch his sports, leaving me to do something else or use his TV in his room (which he keeps in a junky condition – I refuse to clean his room for him). However, as our son has grown older, we have added a third personality into the mix.

Our son has ADHD and is on stimulant medication, which makes it difficult for him to sleep, even on a prescription sleep aid. So, he watches TV in hub’s room until he drops off to sleep. Our usual routine is that I only watch the family TV one hour a day, after my son goes upstairs to watch TV/fall asleep and before hub gets back from the gym. However, now that college basketball season is upon us, hub is starting to bump me from my one hour so he can watch his game while our son is using the other TV.

It happened again the other night, and I got really annoyed. I had been waiting two weeks to watch a particular TV show, and I got “bumped” halfway through it. (It was recorded, but it was still annoying not to be able to watch it all in one sitting.) So, the next day, I went to Target and bought myself a new TV for my room. I used my own money from my part-time job to pay for it. I also scheduled the cable company to install a DVR in my room, and I will be using my part-time job money to pay for the increase in cost as well.

Hub was not happy about this turn of events, even though I pointed out that this did not cost him a dime. My therapist, on the other hand, was so proud of me. A friend is currently in therapy with him, and she told him about me buying myself a TV. He smiled and said that my friend had no idea how far I have come.

I know that there are bigger issues in the world than getting to watch an hour of TV, but this is about more than just a television. This was a gift to myself and an acknowledgement that I don’t have to be the third class member of this family.

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