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Worn Out

Sorry, everyone. I was hoping that I was up to blogging regularly again, but my life feels like it is spinning so out of control right now that I cannot catch my breath. As I have shared before, I have a difficult time separating out my child’s experiences from my own inner child. Despite my many efforts to help my child be successful in school, his latest report card shows no improvement and even some lost ground. I have been working my @$$ off doing homework with him, finding him a tutor and then taking him there, advocating for all sorts of accommodations for him at school, etc. I might as well have done nothing for the results that I am seeing. I don’t know what else to do.

I am in the process of screening a private school that is expensive but is specially designed for children with my son’s particular issues (ADHD with learning disabilities). Meanwhile, hub (who is allergic to spending money) is looking to point the blame at me – that I am not strict enough, etc. When a child has a learning disability, you can bribe or beat him, and neither will make a difference because they simply do not learn like other children do.

Several other less important things have blown up this week, too, and I just want to crawl under a rock and avoid it all. I am so worn out. I am canceling things right and left because I just need some time to catch my breath. Now my kid is having diarrhea, and his best friend just got over a stomach virus, so I don’t know if I have that ahead of me as well.

Please hang in there. I will blog as I can. Right now, I just want to lock myself in a room and cry for a year.

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