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My Week From Hell

Seriously, I wonder what I am being punished for or tested for because last week was one of the most challenging ones I have faced in adulthood. Here are the highlights:

  • All week– I have intense, sick, and disturbing nightmares.
  • Sunday – Son comes down with a cold that triggers his asthma.
  • Monday – Son’s asthma is worse. I increase his medications and send him to school. I pick him up early from school to meet the new attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) doctor, who triggers me with questions of how my somewhat dysfunctional marriage is affecting my son.
  • Monday night – Son has a bad enough asthma attack to warrant sleeping in on Tuesday morning.
  • Tuesday morning– Sign son into school two hours late, holding my breath on his asthma.
  • Tuesday noon – New $60 ergonomic keyboard dies, which is problematic when your job is working on the computer.
  • Tuesday afternoon – Son brings home report card showing that he is failing third grade despite numerous modifications in place to help with his learning disabilities.
  • Tuesday night – I get drunk.
  • Wednesday – Hub and I continue a discussion/disagreement/argument about whether and when to transfer our son to a private school that specializes in working with learning disabled children with ADHD. Upside – wonderful reputation. Downside – extremely expensive.
  • Wednesday afternoon – I learn about a school tour at the private school scheduled for the next morning and plan to go.
  • Wednesday night – Son has a stomach virus (out of both ends) that also triggers his asthma.
  • Thursday & Friday – Son stays home to recover from stomach virus and to protect him from getting a third virus in one week that could send him to the hospital if it triggers his asthma further.
  • Thursday & Friday – Hub and I go at it over son’s status in school. Hub points out all of the things that I am allegedly doing wrong, including keeping him home from school, and how it is my fault that son is failing in school.
  • Thursday – I skip the school tour and I have a near emotional breakdown over all of the above. I then schedule a school tour for hub and me to see the school on Monday.
  • Friday morning – I binge eat.
  • Friday afternoon – I get very nauseous.
  • Friday night – I spend six hours about to throw up, throwing up, or cleaning up after throwing up. I fantasize ways of killing myself but don’t have the energy to do anything about it. (Plus, with a stomach virus, swallowing a jar of pills won’t really work. [Yes, that is a joke!])
  • Saturday morning – Our city is pounded with a major snowstorm (for the South, anyhow), canceling the school tour for Monday. [Insert head-banging emoticon here.]
  • Saturday – I spend the day in bed, sweating and groaning, while hub and child trash the house.
  • Sunday morning – I take a much-needed shower, only to discover that our shower is leaking through the light fixture below it into the hallway. Cannot call the plumber due to being a Sunday and inclement weather.
  • Sunday – I clean, grade papers, clean, write this blog, and did I mention clean?
  • Monday – Want to schedule a suicide (Joking! I promise!), but child is home AGAIN thanks to the snowstorm, need to schedule the plumber, reschedule the school tour, return the broken keyboard, grade papers, catch up on blogs, clean, etc., so no room in my schedule for self-mutilation today.

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