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If you suffered from child pornography, you might be interested to learn that, in some jurisdictions, there are laws to try to provide restitution for what you have suffered. A friend sent me a link to the following proposed law in Kansas:

Kansas Lawmakers Consider Helping Child-Porn Victims

Kansas victims of child pornography may soon be allowed to sue producers, promoters and users. The Senate Judiciary Committee is held a hearing on Senate Bill 549 on Monday. The bill would allow victims to sue for at least $150,000 in damages, according to The Associated Press. The Kansas attorney general’s office is supporting the concept. Bill sponsor Sen. Derek Schmidt, R-Kan., said he has the votes lined up to pass the proposed legislation. “It’s a very effective way of providing that added tool to get some restitution for the victims, some compensation to shut down operations and all at no taxpayer expense,” he said. ~ Citizenlink.com

From a practical standpoint, I wonder how many adult survivors of child pornography will take advantage of this legislation if it becomes law in Kansas. I can see the parents of children suing as soon as they learn about the victimization. However, for people like me who suffered as children decades ago, is there a statute of limitations? How would I know who to sue or how to go about proving my case? Personally, I would not take advantage of this opportunity unless the same porn ring was still in operation today, and my actions might save another child.

I am glad that this topic is getting some attention, though, and I am grateful for the opportunity for victims of child pornography to choose to sue for restitution.

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