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On my blog entry entitled More Alter Parts, readers posted the following comments:

May not be the same at all. I have parts that are outside of my body. They do not ‘come out” rather they “come in”. It does not lend itself to discussion with in the current understanding of dissociation. For me when the come in there was a severe physical reaction which is not their fault. It is less severe now. Any way I thought would throw the concept your way and you can do with it what you wish. ~ MFF

I also like MFFs concept of “coming in”. Thats the way i experience it too (if I “expereince” it). its more an invasive kinda thing, it feels like it either takes over or comes and gets me.ahh just writing about me makes me so uneasy!! Thanx tho, MFF!! ~ queen_of_acknowledgement

I am intrigued by the concept of alter parts “coming in” rather than “coming out,” and I would love for readers who experience this to explain it to me.

Before integrating my host personality into my core, the host felt like a sliver of a soul, and other alter parts felt much “bigger.” Sometimes both parts would occupy the same space, like another part would “step into my face” while the host personality was still present. This felt like “coming out” because parts would “step into my face,” which was “coming out” of the depths inside and into my face. Does that make sense?

After integrating the host personality into the core, “I” feel much deeper and richer like a “fuller” soul. Parts that are not integrated “hide” in my stomach and thighs, which is why I struggle so much with binge eating. When I binge eat, I “stuff down” the alter parts/emotions/memories.

I guess I do experience a “coming in” of sorts when I invite an alter part out. Really what I am doing is inviting that part back into the core, which would be a “coming in” versus a “coming out,” but I am not sure if that is what you mean. I would love to hear more about “coming in.”

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