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*******trigger warning – ritual abuse and confinement *******

My abusers used to lock me in a large plywood box for long periods of time. I have no idea why other than to freak me out. My memories of this are sketchy, but I definitely have flashes of being locked in the box alone and then sometimes with objects to freak me out, such as with a Russian nesting doll.

I have flashes of lying still and hearing every single noise. Of course, it was dark in the box, so my hearing was my strongest sense. I would hear every little noise, including the sound of my own breathing, which sounded incredibly loud. I could also hear/feel my heart beating so fast.

S & L (my most sadistic abusers) gave my sister and me one of these boxes as a “gift” to use as a toy box in our basement. My parents thought it was a splendid idea. We could fit a bunch of our toys in the box, including two child-sized chairs. The plywood box had a latch on it that could have locked us in, even without a lock being used. I cannot fathom parents believing such a box was child-friendly, but my parents were hardly clued into what was safe or unsafe for their children.

To this day, I must have white noise going at all times (air purifier, fan, music, etc.), or I feel like I am going to lose my mind. I find it very triggering to be in an environment of complete silence other than the simple noises I might make by a slight shift of my body.

I am also claustrophobic. I have a hard time climbing in the “tubes” at a play land, so I was thrilled when my son became old enough to navigate play land tubes by himself.



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