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Animal skull (c) Lynda Bernhardt*******trigger warning – animal, sexual, and ritual abuse*******

I have discussed animal rape on my blog before, but I do not believe that I have shared my specific story. I don’t know if it happened only once or several times, but I have recovered a very detailed memory of one incident. Trust me – one incident is more than enough to traumatize a child.

I was in my place on the table as usual, lying naked on my back. The bonfire was going as my abusers brought in a brown boxer on a leash. They led the dog up to me, and he raped me – simple as that. Someone took photographs of the rape taking place. To this day, the sound effects used on TV for a professional camera completely wig me out.

I do not blame the dog for what happened – he was merely the instrument used to perpetrate the rape. The dog went right to work, so this was clearly not the first time that the dog had been used to f@#$ a child. The feeling of being raped by a dog is indescribable. Anyone else who has experienced animal rape knows what I am talking about. The flashbacks include body memories that are almost too horrible to bear.

As a child, I was always bothered by our dog’s penis sticking out. Our dog was neutered, but even neutered dogs will sometimes “let it all hang out.” Whenever that happened, I could not help but stare. Now I know why.



Photo credit: Lynda Bernhardt

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