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I forgot that I have already blogged about my healing journey. So, rather than rewrite it all again (even though there is some overlap with what I have already shared), I will provide you with the links to follow that story here.
This will end my series on my story. Thank you for taking the time to read it and for caring enough to ask me to write it. I am glad that I invested the time to share my story, but I am also relieved that I have finished. I am ready to get back to the usual format of my blog. Thanks for taking this journey with me!

  1. Overview of My Healing Process from Child Abuse
  2. Kicking Off the Healing Process
  3. Recognizing Dissociation
  4. Becoming Aware of Abuse
  5. Choosing to Enter Therapy
  6. First Six Months of Therapy
  7. Healing in Layers
  8. Memory Clusters
  9. Piecing Memories Back Together
  10. My Healing Process from Child Abuse: Setting Boundaries
  11. My Healing Process from Child Abuse: Changes in My Relationships


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