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A reader emailed me and asked me to blog about using Reiki as a tool for healing from child abuse. I have written about Reiki before (see here and here), but it has been a while since I have addressed this topic on my blog. This reader is hoping to hear about other people’s experiences with Reiki as well, so please post a comment if you have experienced Reiki as part of your healing journey.

After I had been healing from the child abuse for a couple of years (mostly through hard work in therapy), I felt like I needed more. I felt like no matter how hard I worked to heal my mind, my spirit also longed for healing, but I did not know how to reach that part of myself. I have been a Christian since I was eight years old, so I did a lot of praying, but that wasn’t healing the places that I needed to heal.

A member of Isurvive talked about the importance of spiritual healing and how much it had helped her, but I wasn’t quite sure where to go to find “spiritual healing” without dealing with what I thought of as “freaks.” I felt such a strong need for spiritual healing that I was willing to experiment with some sort of spiritual healing method as long as it did not run counter to my faith.

A friend had a bunch of unused gift certificates for a local place that offered everything from haircuts to massages. I could not see myself allowing another person to massage me, doubly so if I had to be naked. However, I saw on the flyer that the place also offered Reiki sessions. I did some research and learned that Reiki did not even involve any sort of touching, which was quite appealing to me. I figured that it would either work or be a waste of time and money. Since my friend was offering me the sessions for free, I figured that I had nothing to lose.

I explained at the first session that I was healing from child abuse and that I had major issues with being touched. The lady was very careful to keep her hands very far away from my body when she did the Reiki whenever she was anywhere near a “private” part of my body, such as my stomach. She explained what Reiki was and what I might feel, but I was skeptical that anything would happen at all. I was wrong.

Reiki is hard to explain to those who have not experienced it. It is a “spirit massage.” I felt like my spirit was a battery plugged into a charger. I could physically “feel” energy flowing into my spirit. It was an amazing (and relaxing!) experience.

Years later, my Reiki master did something to give me the gift of giving Reiki. I don’t know what she did or whether what she did was even necessary, but I do have the ability to give Reiki to others now. I did it with a friend a couple of years ago. She knew nothing at all about Reiki, and she could feel the energy. What was really cool was that I felt very drawn to her knees. She shared afterward that her knees had been bothering her all day, but she knew she had not told me this. She was blown away and wanted to know how I could do it.

If you have not tried Reiki, I strongly recommend it. You just lie down on a table, listen to relaxing music, and let someone hold her hands above your body in various places. It might sound like nothing, but it is an amazingly healing experience!

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