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Yesterday I blogged about Reiki. I cannot talk about Reiki without also talking about yoga. Yoga has been a particularly powerful way for me to heal from child abuse.

I was surprised to get a suggestion from my pastor to engage in yoga after he learned about my child abuse issues. I thought that yoga was “New Age” and, therefore, “bad” in the eyes of the Christian Church. My pastor assured me that many people do yoga before entering into prayer time, etc. That was news to me.

I bought a book about yoga for beginners called Yoga Made Easy by Howard Kent. I also bought some CDs of relaxing music so I could do yoga in my room.

My first reaction was surprise at how my muscles felt after doing yoga. They felt odd, but I could not pinpoint what was wrong. They were not sore like they felt after lifting weights or exercising. It took me a few times to recognize what I was feeling – my muscles were feeling relaxed! I had spent my entire life (a good 35 years) tensing up my muscles thanks to the child abuse and the aftermath. For the first time ever, my muscles learned what it felt like not to be tense. It took me a while to adjust to that feeling.

One thing I did not know going in is that the purpose of yoga is to silence your mind for meditation. The deep breathing and asanas (postures) of yoga lead you to silence your mind, something that I did not believe was even possible for me. As you discipline yourself to stop that constant inner chatter, you free yourself to “hear” your spirit and tap into a power greater than yourself. Once you figure out what you are doing, it is kind of like giving yourself your own Reiki sessions, only you are doing it in a different way.

I love to do yoga and miss it when I don’t get to do it. Unfortunately, I live with an ADHD child who has trouble sleeping thanks to his medication. This makes it very hard for me to have alone time to do yoga and meditation. (I used to do it right before going to bed at night.) When I get a chance to do it again, I always question why I ever stopped. It is like giving myself a massage and a Reiki session all rolled into one!

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