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I received an email asking me to share the article 10 Signs You are Dealing with a Sociopath. This article definitely sounds like S & L, my most sadistic abusers who brought me into the cult abuse.

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One area of child abuse that people seem to have a tough time hearing about is pedophile rings. I don’t know why this is because there is no question that child pornography exists, and presumably it is not all orchestrated by one individual. Nevertheless, people seem to be much more open about hearing about my being “molested” by a man than they are open to hearing about my falling victim to a pedophile ring.

My partner over at my professional adoption blog wrote about three organized pedophile rings that have been in the news on this blog entry. Her focus was on those who prey on children in orphanages. The articles she cited were regarding pedophile rings in three different countries.

There is no question that pedophiles do sometimes operate in a group to exploit children, and this activity is not limited to one geographical region. These are only three recent examples, but the news is hit with these types of stories repeatedly. So, why is it so difficult for some people to believe that I could be one of those exploited children who survived?

How many more children must be exploited before society accepts that pedophile rings exist? As long as the general public continues to deny the existence of pedophile rings, these predators are free to continue exploiting children, particularly those children who have nobody who loves them enough to protect them. It is a travesty that will continue unabated until the general public breaks through its denial and recognizes that our children are in danger.

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