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I apologize to those who I inadvertently triggered in my last blog entry. It was never my intent to judge anyone based upon how long they have been in therapy or to suggest that there is a “deadline” for how quickly one must heal to be “doing it right.” I received emails as well as the comments posted, so this is not a comment to one particular person or one particular comment/email. I clearly triggered some readers, and I am very sorry to have done so. I am going to give the topic another shot on Monday, and I am hopeful that I am better able to convey the very positive message I was trying to get across without causing any readers to feel judged or triggered.

To those of you who posted comments and/or sent me emails — I sincerely thank you for your feedback. If nobody tells me that something I said was triggering, I will not know it and run the risk of doing it again. Now that I am aware of certain sensitivities that were conveyed to me in the messages, I will make a better effort to word my blog entries in a way that does not appear to impose judgment.

I also want to clarify that I never meant to say that therapy is unnecessary. I think it is 100% necessary in the early stages of healing, and I could not have done it myself in the early years without therapy. I also read so many books on healing because I found them to be immensely helpful as well. If this sounds contrary to what I posted yesterday, stay tuned to Monday — I think (hope) I did a better job explaining how it all ties together. :0)

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