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A friend recently told me about mudras, which is basically yoga for the hands. I had never heard of such a practice, but yoga and meditation are actually filled with mudras, such as the mudra of making a circle with your thumb and index finger when you meditate.

My friend recommended Sabrina Mesko’s book, Healing Mudras: Yoga for Your Hands as a great place to get started. I really like it because it is written in very simple terms that I can follow. If you research mudras online, you will find a bunch of difficult-to-pronounce names that do not necessarily tell you what the mudra does, whereas this book provides pictures and an explanation underneath what you are trying to accomplish (inner integrity, recharging, patience, etc.).

Mudras only involve the hands (and sometimes the arms), and you only need to hold them for three minutes while doing deep breathing exercises (either deep breathing or the “short breath of fire,” depending upon the mudra) to feel the effects. You also need to sit with your back straight, just like with meditation. I have been doing three mudras a day this week and have been pleased with the results so far.

The book that I am using lists the mudras in three categories: soul, body, and mind. I have been trying to do one of each every day to achieve more balance.

My favorite is the one for contentment. I can feel a rush of contentment flowing through me whenever I do it. It is hard to explain, but it is a wonderful way to help bring yourself down when you are triggered, and it is very easy to do. With the right hand (for women; left for men), make a circle with your thumb and middle finger. With your left hand (for women; right for men), make a circle with your thumb and little finger. Hold them a few inches apart near your naval area and take long, slow, deep breaths for three minutes. When you finish, make fists and then relax. It is amazingly relaxing.

This is just one example, but there are numerous mudras included in this book. Here is a sampling: For the soul – happiness, trust, inner integrity, wisdom, guidance, and powerful insight. For the body – preventing stress, overcoming addictions, healing a broken heart, recharging, and eliminating fatigue. For the mind – facing fear, releasing guilt, overcoming anxiety, inner security, calming your mind, removing depression, and unblocking the subconscious mind. There are many more included in the book, but you can get an idea about why I wanted to share this with you based upon the topics I provided in the sampling.

Have any of you ever used mudras? What was your experience?

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