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In my blog entry yesterday, I highlighted Sabrina Mesko’s book, Healing Mudras: Yoga for Your Hands. The book contains basic information about alternative healing methods in addition to healing mudras. I was fascinated by a section on healing colors. The colors apparently align with the colors of the Chakras, which I admit that I know very little about. Nevertheless, I have noticed that I am sometimes drawn to one color more than another for different situations, and this could explain why.

For example, I prefer to wear red if I need to be bold, such as at a job interview or when I am walking into a confrontational situation. According to this book, the color red positively affects a person’s vitality, grounds you, and connects you to the earth. I probably need to feel grounded when walking into a confrontational situation due to my tendency to dissociate, so it makes sense that I would be drawn to the color red.

Here are the descriptions of each color from page 25 of the book:

Color Description
Red Vitality; grounding; connection to the earth
Orange Empower sexuality, creativity, and relationships
Green Heal your heart and feel loved
Blue Calming; helps you see and speak the truth
Indigo Enhance intuition and sixth sense
Violet Centering and calming; help connect with universal healing powers
Black Help communicate as a leader
White Feel cleansed and pure; help clear negative feelings and depression

According to the book, you can visualize these colors to help achieve the different goals, or you can wear those colors to help. You can even surround yourself with a particular color if you want to work on a particular area.

Has anyone ever used healing colors in your healing journey? Was it helpful? I am fascinated with trying to use some of these strategies to help me when I am struggling.

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