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On my blog entry entitled Blinders from Not Living in the Present, a reader mentioned Theophostics as an effective healing tool. I did not know much about it, so I thought I would do some research into it and share what I learned with all of you.

Of primary importance is the fact that Theophostics is a Christian-based healing method, so anyone who is triggered by religion or does not share the Christian faith is probably going to want to look elsewhere. However, those of you who embrace the Christian faith might find Theophostics to be a helpful healing tool, so this blog entry is for all of you.

You can read the history of Theophostics here. It was founded by Dr. Ed Smith. Here is an excerpt from the website explaining the basics of Theophostics:

Dr. Ed already knew the reason for the woman’s emotional pain and dysfunction. He knew it did not have to do with the abuse that had occurred, but rather because of what the women believed in the context of the abusive memory. It was not the memory of the abuse that had them bound, but rather it was what they held in belief. Dr. Ed had tried everything he knew to do to get the truth into these women’s heads, yet nothing seem to make much difference. Then in that one momentious moment where Dr. Ed simply asked the Lord to speak to the woman’s heart and mind about what she believed that was causing her the emotional pain she carried. In that wonderful moment everythting changed for her and for this ministry. She reported a freedom and peace like she had never had before. The pain dissolved and she left with a new found freedom that she holds to this day. Theophostic Prayer was born. This prayer process has since developed into a highly successful approach to helping people in all manner of emotional states to find the peace of Christ where all they had known before was pain. Jesus is indeed “the way and the truth….” ~ Theophostic.com

After reading about Theophostics, I realized that I actually had some experience with it but did not recognize the name. I know a man (C) who received this training (I just could never remember the name of it). He was working with a couple of women with dissociative identity disorder (DID) and doing a “prayer ministry” to help them heal. He claimed that this method was very effective – that alter parts were being integrated, and all he was doing was praying with her.

We had this conversation when I was about a year into therapy, and I confess that I was dubious of this method. I knew the hard work that I was doing in and outside of therapy, and I found it hard to believe that sitting around praying could accomplish the same thing. Also, this guy was a pretty fundamentalist Christian (and I am not), so I had my reservations about what he was doing.

Fast forward a few months … I had an alter part emerge who hated God, the church, and anything religious. This was quite a challenge for me because I am very active in my church. I attended a Christian event that should have been amazing, but the Christian songs kept triggering me. For the next week, I could not pray without “hearing” the “loud thoughts” of this alter part telling God to f@#$ off using all sorts of obscenities. For the first time in my life, I was unable to turn to God in prayer for myself.

I emailed C along with a mutual friend (G) who ran a Bible study (where I met C). They both drove out to my house during their lunch break to pray with me (which I now recognize as Theophostics). I had my doubts that anything would happen, but I was wrong.

We sat in my living room, and we bowed our heads in prayer. I could not really pray because of this alter part, but C prayed out loud while G prayed silently. It is hard to describe what happened next, but it felt like energy was “cleaning” my brain. It was powerful. I released myself into this. It felt peaceful and energizing. It felt like God comforted the hurting alter part, answering the questions I didn’t even know I had, and then the alter part was just “gone.” I don’t know if the part integrated, went to heaven, or what, but I never had an issue with being triggered by religion again. It was just miraculously healed in that one prayer session.

I felt very relaxed both during and after, which is not typically what I would expect with two men hanging out in my living room in the middle of the day. I just felt very peaceful.

I have not used Theophostics again, but I can tell you that my one experience was positive. Again, if you are triggered by religion or do not share the Christian faith, it is probably not the best tool for you. I also would not recommend Theophostics as your sole healing method. As a supplement, though, I found it to be pretty amazing!

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