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Thankful for All of You

In honor of Thanksgiving, I would like to take a break from the intense topics we have been exploring this week and focus on being thankful. I have a friend who writes down what she is thankful for every Thanksgiving, so I thought I would do the same here. Feel free to tell me what you are thankful for in the comments.

Here are some things that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  • My child – I spent many years not knowing if I would ever be a mother.
  • My husband – He is a good provider and loves me, even though the person I am today barely resembles the wounded girl he married two decades ago.
  • My sister – What would I do without my fellow foxhole dweller? I don’t think I would have survived my childhood without her.
  • My friends – I have built my own family of women who are as close to me as sisters. I am so blessed to have a group of women who would do just about anything for me, as I would for them.
  • My job – I am blessed to have a flexible, part-time, from home job that provides me with income to travel and “play” and gives me the opportunity to use my mind. It is also a rewarding job where I feel like I am making a difference in the world.
  • My Internet access – Okay, okay. I admit it – I am a complete computer geek and junkie. The Internet has enriched my life, bringing me into contact with fellow child abuse survivors, fellow adoptive mothers, and other groups of people that I would never have met otherwise. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without the enrichment I experience from knowing all of you!
  • My life – I really have a great life. Those of you who have read my story might marvel at me saying this, but I feel so incredibly blessed to have lived the life that I have. I have overcome numerous obstacles and thrived.
  • My dogs – I adopted a couple of retired racing greyhounds a few years ago, and they are such a great addition to our family. They are very low maintenance. They just want to lie at my feet while I write on my computer, and they love to go for long walks with me in the pretty weather.
  • My relationship with God – I don’t know where I would be without my faith.
  • And last but definitely not least … My relationship with all of you!! – Even though I have never met any of you face-to-face, you know me in ways that many people in my day-to-day life do not, and I have gotten to know many of you well. I am so blessed by your comments, your emails, and your advice. I am blessed that you take time out of your busy day to read my blog. All of you are such a blessing to me, and I am truly thankful that you are a part of my life.

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