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A reader asked me to address any knowledge that I have about the Freemasons and ritual abuse. My sister is convinced that she and I suffered ritual abuse at the hands of the Freemasons. I don’t have any specific memories (yet??) of this connection myself. I guess that, for me, the fact that I was being abused was what I focused upon. I am not sure that I really cared why or who, only that it was happening and that I wanted to protect my sister. (My sister and I were “controlled” by threatening the sibling. I believed that my sister would be killed if I did not obey and keep the secret.)

Working with the memories that I have recovered, I am convinced that the people who ritually abused my sister and me were an organized kiddie porn and prostitution ring. I think the black robes, bonfires, and other “Satanic” elements were simply “covers.” “Clients” could rape children, both on and off film, while masking their identities, and if I ever told anyone about it, nobody would believe me because the entire idea of Satanic ritual abuse is so “crazy.”

I have no question that my abusers were well-organized and highly secretive. I also know that my sister and I were not their only victims. We were assigned numbers (used in place of names), and we were not numbers 1 & 2. Also, my sister has memories of being in charge of watching the younger children while some of my abuse was going on.

Back when I started recovering memories of the ritual abuse, I did some online research on ritual abuse in general and on the Freemasons in particular. One thing I found interesting was a comment/observation someone made about there being numerous rumors about the Freemasons’ involvement in ritual abuse, yet there are not similar rumors for comparable groups, such as the Lions or the Elks. The lawyer in me must point out that rumors do not equal proof, but I do find this to be an interesting observation nonetheless.

The only other thing I can share about the Freemasons is that I am highly triggered when I learn that somebody I know is a Mason. That is certainly not proof, and it is entirely possible that this reaction ties into what my sister has told me versus a repressed memory. At this point, I simply don’t know. I will say that the two men that I know who are active in their Mason groups are low-level, and they are both really great guys who would never condone abusing children. Some of the Freemason rumors say that those involved in ritual abuse are high-level masons. Other rumors say that it is just one sect of the Freemasons that not representative of the entire organization.

I don’t know what’s true and what’s not. On the one hand, I do think that when there is a lot of smoke, there is concern about a fire. On the other hand, I am not ready to make sweeping judgments about an organization that I know has some good men in it – men who I trust.

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