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Man on BikeI am being hit on all sides with dysfunction and irrational/illogical people. Perhaps I am more sensitive to it after having visited my hometown and faced the dysfunction of my childhood head-on. Regardless of why, I feel like every direction I turn, I am dealing with illogical and irrational people. It’s driving me crazy!

Here is one example – I supposedly have part-time vision benefits through one of my part-time jobs. I have paid premiums out of each paycheck to cover this benefit. It took me hours of research and inquiry from several people to nail down how I could actually use the coverage. I followed every single thing I was told to do, and I still did not get the vision discount I am paying for.

What should have been a 15-minute eye doctor visit turned into two hours with over one hour of it spent trying to get to the bottom of how to use this insurance coverage. GGRRRR!! At one point, I used my cell phone to call the rep at the 1-800 number that my job provided for me. The rep stated definitively that I have the coverage. I handed my cell phone over to the receptionist for the eye doctor. They went round and round and still could not get this worked out.

To me, it seems pretty simple that, if I am paying for vision coverage, I should get a card that says so. I have been provided with no card, just a plan number that doesn’t show up on the insurance carrier’s website and that the insurance rep could not find. I wrote a scathing email (I am actually pretty good at those when I am worked up!) to the HR rep (I only have email addresses to work with at this job), and I have received no response after 36 hours. I am married to a lawyer so, trust me, I WILL get this resolved.

That’s just one example of the dysfunctional, illogical, and irrational behavior that I am dealing with in my day-to-day life. I don’t understand why it is so difficult for some people just to do their d@#$ jobs, know what I mean?

I have worked as an online instructor for three years, and I have never missed a deadline. I have met my deadlines through Norovirus, the H1N1 virus, 10 days of vertigo, sinus infections, the flu … you get the point. I have met my deadlines through my child having the flu, ear infections, etc. I have met my deadlines through traveling, getting triggered by seeing my mother at my sister’s graduation, and through multiple triggerings. Am I really such an anomaly in doing my d@#$ job? I simply call this being responsible.

I guess I am going through a reality check that dysfunction is not limited to my family. It has been in my friendships (such as the one that just ended), and apparently it is all around me – in jobs and other professional relationships. WTF??

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