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Let me begin with a disclaimer – I believe that everyone has a right to decide how to treat his or her own body, and I am not pointing a finger at any individual in this blog entry. My focus in on a societal trend, not on an individual’s right to choose his or her body’s appearance.

Now, with that out of the way… Does anyone else find the societal trend of women completely shaving off their pubic hair disturbing? Let me start by explaining what I am talking about. Apparently, in the United States, there is a societal trend toward women shaving their genitals. The only reason I know this is from comments made in sitcoms and stand-up comedy.

I watched a stand-up routine by Whitney Cummings, who did a comical take on shaving one’s genitals. She said the only reason she knew that women were doing this was from watching porn. On the TV show “Mike & Molly,” when Molly said that a woman dyed her hair, Mike’s mother made a crude reference to the drapes not matching the carpet, to which Molly replied that women don’t really have carpet anymore. I think I heard a third reference to this somewhere else as well.

I can honestly say that my girlfriends and I NEVER discuss our “carpeting” with one another. I, frankly, do not care if they are shaving down there or not. What bothers me is that shaving the genitals is apparently a societal trend, at least trendy enough for mainstream comedy on TV. That, combined with virgin waxing, has me concerned about a societal trend that is making women’s naked bodies resemble little girls’ naked bodies, at least “down there.” I find any trend toward sexualizing a girl’s body disturbing.

Perhaps I am overreacting, which is why I am asking you – Is anyone else bothered by this trend? Does anyone else see the harm in telling men that bare genitals on a woman is an attractive and sexy look? No, I am not saying that a man is going to transform into a pedophile after having sex with an adult woman with bare genitals. My concern is that each mini-step toward equating a grown woman’s body (removing pubic hair, making skinny fashionable, etc.) makes having sexual relations with a girl seem a little less “different.” Am I overthinking this? Or is anyone else alarmed by this?

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