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After much thought, consideration, and prayer, I have decided to go into semi-retirement from the Blooming Lotus blog. I posted my first blog entry over five years and have (until recently) been writing about healing from child abuse daily. I have reached a place where I don’t have much more say than I have already shared.

I plan to check in frequently enough so that the blog does not become inactive and get dropped by WordPress. I have five years’ worth of information offering support for people who are struggling with healing from child abuse, and I want to make sure that support remains available for those who are seeking it.

Additionally, I am helping launch a new charity for child abuse survivors, which will include a message board and chat room that I am **hoping** will go live this month. I will be back to share more about the wonderful new resource soon. Once the charity’s website goes live, I will share more about it. This blog will remain an Amazon affiliate, and all revenues generated will be donated to support this charity.

I so appreciate all of my readers who have journeyed with me over the last five years and will miss my daily interactions with you. Please know that each of you carries a special place in my heart.

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