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Did anyone see the news story about the man who used the Internet to encourage women to abuse their children? You can read the story here.

According to this article, Steven Demink posted headshots of a male model on the Internet and claimed to be a single father and psychologist. He would hook up with single mothers over the Internet (using the male model’s headshot, of course) and promised dates in return for engaging in sexual acts with their children, photographing and emailing the abuse, or providing live streaming for his viewing pleasure. In one case, Demink allegedly advised an autistic child’s mother to engage in sexual acts with the child to teach him about sex.

This whole story makes me sick. Not only do we have a child abuser causing harm to children all over the country, but we have mothers who are stupid enough to produce child pornography for him with their own children. What were they thinking????

As someone who suffered from mother-daughter sexual abuse, I know the level of betrayal that a child experiences when his or her own mother is the abuser. Imagine combining that with mom taking pictures and sending them to some guy over the Internet. What kind of woman wants to engage in sexual acts with her own child just to get a date? What kind of man would she be willing to bring into her child’s life?

I know I am preaching to the choir here, but I am just so outraged by this story. The focus is mostly on Demink, but Demink’s tactics would not have worked without women willing to harm their children for a date with a guy who looks like a model. I am simply aghast at this news story.

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