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A while ago, I wrote about my struggles with insomnia. I shared that I must pile blankets on top of myself in order to feel safe enough to fall asleep. Even in the summertime, I would cover myself with a sheet, a blanket, a quilt, another blanket folded in quarters, and a comforter folded in quarters. Even that was not always enough weight to make me feel safe.

In the comments of that blog entry, a reader named Cera told me about weighted blankets. I had never heard of such a product, so I checked out the link that Cera provided in her comment. This led me to the Dream Catcher website, where I learned all about weighted blankets.

The blankets are filled with heavy plastic beads that conform to your body when you lie under the blanket. You can choose whatever weight you want. I opted for a 15-pound blanket, which is the heaviest standard size they offer. (You can get your custom-made blanket heavier if you want. Also, I just found out that they actually have pre-made 25-pound blankets available.)

I have posted a picture of my weighted blanket. I love it and don’t know how I ever slept without it. (Thanks, Cera!!)

I no longer overheat when I sleep. The blanket offers me the weight I had been seeking without too much warmth, so I can use it comfortably as we move into summer. Whenever I move, the beads adjust to conform to my body. I feel like I am being hugged in a safe manner as I sleep.

What really surprised me was how much better I could rest as I slept. My dreams have been better since using the blanket. They are still disturbing at times but not to the degree that they were.

And here was a real shocker … I have never been able to sleep unless my door was closed. My son opened my door the other night. Typically, I will have to get up out of bed and close the door before I can even begin to think about falling back to sleep. I was so snug under my weighted blanket that I did not even care that the door was open! That has never happened to me before.

So, if you are having trouble sleeping at night, I highly recommend trying a weighted blanket. Yes, it is pricey, but it is well worth the cost. I would have paid a lot more to experience restful sleep.

To purchase a weighted blanket, go to Dream Catcher Blankets. They are running a sale in April. You can get a 10% discount with the promotion code “autism.”

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