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Hi, everyone! I am back from Disney World and ready to start blogging again. :0)

The Disney trip was exactly what I needed. Starting with the fender bender in October, my life has been one fast roller coaster (mostly down) of a cancer scare, seeing my mother/abuser again, issues with my special needs kid in school, and my post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) causing insomnia throughout much of this period. I feel like I have been trapped on a hamster wheel. I kept trying to work harder, smarter, faster, etc., but my to-do list just kept growing. My body finally gave out, and I was very sick for a week. Then, I spent a frenzied week trying to play catch up from being sick as well as get things done before going out of town for a week.

When I got to Disney, I decided to set all of the drama of my life aside and just “be.” I did a pretty good job (for me, anyone). I feel like I finally hopped off the hamster wheel for a few days. Then, when I returned to the huge piles of @#$% that I need to do for my job, my home (pay bills, etc.), my professional blog, my personal blog, my kid’s special needs, and volunteer commitments (kid’s school, PTA, and church), I spend the morning in tears. I don’t want to climb back onto that hamster wheel. I am tired of working, working, working all of the time and the pile of stuff that I need to do never getting any smaller. So, I am climbing off the hamster wheel.

I am going to have to make some big decisions about what I am going to cut out of my life, and I am going to use that free time to do the self-nurturing things I used to do, such as yoga, meditation, walking my dogs, and simply “being.” For the past several months, I have not had one minute to sit and “be.” I have worn myself out doing and doing and doing. It stops now.

Of course, I cannot drop everything at once, so I am in the process of prioritizing what needs to go, what needs to scale down, and what I want to continue. I definitely want to continue this blog because it is meaningful to you as well as to me. A friend told me that dropping the letters PTA from your life really clears up a lot of time, and that is one area that definitely needs to scale down or stop. I love my job and don’t plan to give that up. I need to figure out how much time I have to devote to different activities, allot my time, and then cut away the fat. It is a painful process that I have done before, but it was such a relief after I did it. I will keep you posted on my progress.

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