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WordPress has a neat feature of letting me know what words people type into search engines to find my blog. One person found it by typing in “December 21” “ritual abuse.” I know exactly what that person was looking for, and I wish I had thought to post about it on Friday.

Ritual abusers have occult holidays in which they hold their ceremonies that involve harming children. Some are the Christian holidays, like Christmas and Easter, where they desecrate the holidays. Others follow the pagan celebrations of equinoxes and solstices, and, of course, December 21 was the winter solstice.

If you suffered from ritual abuse as a child, then you are probably wigging out to a certain degree right now. Not only are the winter solstice and Christmas only days apart, we also have a full moon tonight. Oh, joy. This amounts to quite the pressure cooker for ritual abuse survivors.

Be very gentle with yourself as you move your way through this triggering time of year. Focus on getting through each minute by doing things that make you feel safe and/or present. What works for me is playing the piano, watching a comedy, and doing plenty of yoga and meditation.

I have been struggling during the holiday season. I am doing much better than I usually do because I have many positive coping tools in my emotional toolbox. However, it is still a struggle. I have to take things one moment at a time and remember that I only need to focus on getting through this moment. To think about getting through the next couple of weeks is too hard.

It makes perfect sense for this time of year to be difficult. No matter how many positive associations you might have tried to make with Christmas, you still have years of very painful associations with this time of year. Be patient with yourself as you work through your past.

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