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If you are sensitive to the full moon and cult holidays, please note that you are experiencing a double whammy this week. There is both a full moon AND the fall equinox on Thursday, 9/23. So, if you are feeling “off” this week, this could likely the be reason. I, myself, am finding myself unable to get enough rest (sleeping 9-11 hours a night and needing naps), anxious, and depressed. Because I know what the cause is, I am taking steps to ride it out. If you feel like you are losing your mind right now, you should feel much better by this weekend.

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I Am So Wiped Out

I am so wiped out, everyone. The last couple of weeks have really taken their toll. My son finally returned to school today after a four-day weekend. I just collapsed in my bed after working out. I watched a TV show and then took a 90-minute nap. I caught up on work and then had to go pick him up. I fell asleep again in a chair while my son was watching TV this afternoon. Yes, I am definitely wiped out.

A friend pointed out that we have the full moon tomorrow night, which might account for some of my issues. I think that visiting my hometown took more out of me than I appreciated. For whatever reason, I have been running on full throttle for weeks, and my body just collapsed today. I plan to go to bed early tonight and try to rest.

I am sorry it is taking me so long to get back to blogging. Please look through my old blog entries. I have covered a lot of topics over the years. I do receive email notifications of all comments posted, even if they are to older blog entries.

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If you feel like you are losing your mind this week, you are not alone. If you suffered from ritual abuse, you are very likely to be jumping out of your skin this week. Why? Because you are getting a double-whammy: Tomorrow night is the full moon, and then Sunday is Easter.

Why should any of this matter? If you suffered from ritual abuse, you were likely abused by the full moon and at Easter. Each of these events is likely to be triggering separately. Together, you can feel like you are going completely crazy and will never be okay again. This is a normal reaction to ritual abuse.

You are not losing your mind. You are reacting to very traumatizing abuse that you suffered as a child. It is normal for you to feel suicidal urges and to be feeling the need to engage in self-injury. You might have fallen off the wagon with your eating disorder or substance abuse. This is all completely understandable in light of what lies ahead through the weekend.

Do all that you can to make yourself feel safe. Now is the time to engage in positive coping tools and do things to nurture your wounded inner child. Be as kind and gentle with yourself as you can from now through the weekend.

Also, remind yourself that these feelings will not last. As terrible as you feel right now, these feelings will have an end. They will likely end soon after Easter passes. You are not going to stay in this dark and lonely place forever. The clouds will part, and the sun will shine again. You just need to hold on a little longer.

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