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I have recently become a fan of Pandora Radio. This is a great FREE website where you can create your own personalized radio stations. (You will hear periodic short commercials that are only five or ten seconds in length.) Let’s say you really like the Eagles or a particular song, like “Take it Easy.” You type in the name of a band or a song you really like, and Pandora Radio will play songs by other bands that are similar in style as well as the original song or band that you entered.

To better tailor your personalized radio station, you can check whether you like or dislike each song. (You can only reject a limited number of songs each hour, so I just give no feedback for songs that I don’t like but don’t really bother me, either.) As Pandora Radio builds a profile of what you like and what you don’t, you can wind up listening to a personalized radio station for hours and like everything you hear. How cool is that??

No, I am not being paid to promote this website. I am just sharing this because I have found this site to be a wonderful healing tool for me. When I listen to the radio or pop in a CD, I tend to listen to music that might sway my emotions. One song might fuel anger or sadness toward a particular relationship. I might become triggered by a lyric (such as the reference to “good girls” in Tom Petty’s song, “Free-falling.”

There are a handful of Christian songs that I really like and a ton I don’t, so I quickly lose my patience with Christian radio stations. I typed in the title of one song that I like, and now I have this fabulous radio station that plays nothing triggering to me! I have discovered lots of new songs that I like that are also “safe” for me to listen to.

I don’t feel the need to think about G*d all the time. Instead, what I need is background music that does not trigger me or sway my emotions. (In addition to blogging, I work as an online college instructor, so I am on the computer for hours every day.) Thanks to this website, I now have a way to listen to lots of songs that I like and that don’t mess with my head.

For those of you who are not religious, I also built a great radio station with Jim Brickman music as my starting point. (You can build multiple radio stations for free to match your mood.) That plays lots of piano and New Age music, which does not trigger me and helps me to stay calm (well, as calm as I get! LOL).

One day, I had enough of the mellow music and typed in Evanescence for kicks. I had no idea what could be similar to Evanescence. I found another band that I had never heard of that has a similar flavor. It also played lots of Linkin Park, Nickelback, and other bands that matched my mood. It really is a cool site, both for healing and just for fun. :0)

Photo credit: Lynda Bernhardt

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