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I have shared before that I work as an online college instructor. In my class, we talk about the importance of teamwork and collaboration. As I was reading through my students’ discussions, I go to thinking about the benefits of teamwork and collaboration in healing from child abuse. So much of what my students were talking about applies to healing together as well.

I found an enormous amount of support through Isurvive, a message board for survivors of child abuse, when I was in the early stages of healing from child abuse. I logged on several times a day during my early years of healing. Even now, after seven years of healing from child abuse, I gain so much knowledge and guidance from reading the comments that my readers post. Sometimes my readers see something that is so obvious to them about me but that I miss because I am too “close” to the situation.

Finding a support network is so important to healing from child abuse. Of course, your support network should include a qualified therapist with experience in counseling people who have suffered from child abuse. A therapist is not enough, though. I found that I experienced so much healing and support through my relationships with offline friends as well as friends that I met online. You can do this through visiting Isurvive, by reading and posting comments on blogs such a mine, and in other ways that bring you into contact with fellow survivors of child abuse.

When I was in the early stages of healing, I needed to interact with people who were farther along their healing journey because I needed the hope that healing was even possible. I also needed “peers” who were in similar places so I could talk with someone who really understood in this moment what I was going through. Finally, I needed to interact with people who were newer to the child abuse healing process so that I could “pay forward” the support I had received as well as recognize how far I had come. I really needed the interactions with all three groups to make the healing process survivable for me.

Finally, I needed people who embraced me as one of them. For most of my life, I felt like a misfit who had no place. Through an online child abuse survivor community, I found a place where I belonged. I was not “crazy” – I was actually surrounded by people who “got” me! I cannot express strongly enough how crucial the camaraderie of fellow child abuse survivors was along my own healing journey.

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Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to leave you a quick administrative note about immediate support and feedback.

While I want to help everyone that I can, I have personal limitations. I am a mother of a child with ADHD who has been transitioning off one medication and onto another. I am very active in my kid’s school (put in over 10 volunteer hours last week for a big event at his school). I am starting a new part-time job for which I have been in intensive training for the past month. I write a professional blog for Adoption Under One Roof. I write this blog. I go through periods of struggling with emotional flashbacks where I have trouble doing any of the above. And now I have a cold, which has me feeling miserable at the moment.

Unfortunately, as much as I want to provide helpful and timely feedback, I cannot always do it right away. This is one of the reasons that I plug Isurvive so frequently. Isurvive is a safe place where you can get quick feedback because there are hundreds of child abuse survivors online at any given time who can respond to your needs.

I do eventually respond to every question that I receive, but I cannot promise how quickly I can respond. If you need immediate feedback, please post your question over at Isurvive. Isurvive is a message board for child abuse survivors, and it is very supportive.

I found Isurvive in December 2003, and the friends I made over there were instrumental in helping me heal from my issues. I serve on the Board of Directors for Isurvive today, and I have become good friends with Lori, who is the owner and operator of Isurvive. You are in good hands over there.

In the meantime, I have saved copies of the questions that people have left for me over the past month, and I will be responding to them on my blog. So, please be patient with me as I “unbury” myself from a backlog of questions.

Have a good weekend!

– Faith

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