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An online friend of mine has put together a powerful video about organized pedophilia and dissociative identity disorder (DID). I bawled my eyes out as I watched it, so grab a box of tissues first. This video explains DID, ritual abuse, and organized pedophilia so well. The pictures and music are haunting.

I hope that others will see this video and pay attention. My friend is right — the passage of the Protect Our Children Act is a good first step, but it is not enough. The video explains why.

I would not label the video as triggering, but some of the symbolism in the pictures might be upsetting. So, be careful viewing the video if you are in a bad place. For those of you who are triggered by clowns or robed people, there are brief photos of each that can be triggering.

There is a link to my friend’s blog at the end of the video, but it is hard to read. You can access her blog here.

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