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Have you ever thought about what you will be remembered for after you pass away? I am fascinated by tombstones. (Yes, this is another one of my strange quirks.) These days, tombstones tend to be kind of boring with just the dates of birth and death. However, if you go to old cemeteries and read the tombstones, you will often find tombstones that tell you about the person’s life.

Sometimes people are remembered for their brave military service. Others are remembered for being loving husbands/wives or fathers/mothers. I recently found one that contained what I would like engraved on my tombstone. I have posted a picture of it. However, in case you cannot read it, here is what it says:

She went about doing good and set at liberty them that are bruised.

What an amazing way to be remembered!

I found this tombstone at Monticello in the same small cemetery where Thomas Jefferson is buried. This is the inscription on the tombstone for Agnes Dillon Randolph. I don’t know a thing about her other than that she was born in 1875, died in 1930, and has some sort of connection to Thomas Jefferson. However, that inscription tells me that she was my kind of lady!

One reason I am fascinated by old tombstones is that you are forced to condense an entire lifetime into a few words. Oh, to be remembered for setting at liberty those that are bruised!

Photo credit: Faith Allen

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