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I hope you have had a chance to visit the child abuse healing forums at Lori’s Song. The site just launched on Friday, so it will take a while for the forums to get busy as child abuse survivors who are looking to heal join the site. The site has quite a few child abuse healing forums, including a section for learning how to thrive. I like that the forums are set up to meet the needs of those who have moved through the early stages of healing and are transitioning into thriving. Of course, plenty of support is available in the child abuse healing forums for those of you who are in the throes of the early stages of healing.

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I have previously shared that I have been helping launch a charity for child abuse survivors. The site went live today.

I encourage you to check out this exciting new resource for child abuse survivors. It would be a great place to move this community for those of you who would like to stay in regular contact.

Let me know what you think of the site! :0)

~ Faith

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After much thought, consideration, and prayer, I have decided to go into semi-retirement from the Blooming Lotus blog. I posted my first blog entry over five years and have (until recently) been writing about healing from child abuse daily. I have reached a place where I don’t have much more say than I have already shared.

I plan to check in frequently enough so that the blog does not become inactive and get dropped by WordPress. I have five years’ worth of information offering support for people who are struggling with healing from child abuse, and I want to make sure that support remains available for those who are seeking it.

Additionally, I am helping launch a new charity for child abuse survivors, which will include a message board and chat room that I am **hoping** will go live this month. I will be back to share more about the wonderful new resource soon. Once the charity’s website goes live, I will share more about it. This blog will remain an Amazon affiliate, and all revenues generated will be donated to support this charity.

I so appreciate all of my readers who have journeyed with me over the last five years and will miss my daily interactions with you. Please know that each of you carries a special place in my heart.

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