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One form of child abuse that is rarely discussed is forced cannibalism and other forms of being forced to eat flesh. My experience with this was with my beloved dog, which I talked about here. That memory is one of my most traumatizing ones. It ties into my aversion to eating, or even smelling, seafood because I had eaten fish earlier that night and then vomited up the fish after being forced to eat the flesh of my dog. Seeing my dog slaughtered was bad enough – being forced to “eat” my dog was more than I could bear.

Some severely abused children were forced to eat human flesh. This is called “forced cannibalism.” I cannot even imagine the reaction of a child having to endure this level of trauma. Being forced to eat a dog’s flesh was bad enough!

I know that some people reading this blog entry will have a hard time wrapping their minds around this form of abuse. It is incredibly sadistic and extremely emotionally traumatizing. For these reasons, many people who have suffered from this form of child abuse are afraid to speak out. Many of those who suffered from forced cannibalism believe that they were the only ones and fear that nobody will believe them.

This blog is a safe place for those of you who suffered from forced cannibalism to be heard. I will believe you and support you. I know that this level of evil exists in the world.

If you suffered from forced cannibalism, you are not alone. You need not suffer in silence any longer. It is okay to talk about this. As with any other form of abuse, no abuse that you suffered could change the value of who you are. You are not responsible for eating flesh – that responsibility sits squarely on the shoulders of your abusers.

You are not alone.

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